Real Pay is a major stakeholder in the payments industry in Namibia. Our company has maintained an in-country presence since 2007 and we specialise in providing country-specific payments solutions while remaining tuned to local needs and developments.

Based in Klein Windhoek, we maintain our position as the preferred payments systems service provider in Namibia. Businesses in Namibia can enhance their cash flow by increasing successful collection rates for active instalments and outstanding payments through our specialised online debit order system.

Our user-friendly, electronic debit order system offers various product ranges:

Real-Time Debit Orders

Real Pay offers Users a real-time debit order service on FNB bank accounts with selective tracking options. Real-time debit orders enable Users to collect funds early morning in real time, and also offer an option to intervene manually. Users are able to submit collections transactions over a period of days with the advantage of their account holders not being charged any unpaid fees.

Normal Debit Orders (NDO)

New to the Real Pay stable are standard, in-country debit orders. This product gives Users the additional benefit of being able to collect funds from all Namibian banks with our easy-to-use system and dynamic report structure. Funds are collected and disbursed into Users’ nominated bank accounts at an agreed-upon interval. Users are able to select any date for collection.

Enhanced Debit Order Stream (EnDO)

The Bank of Namibia announced the EnDO payments stream that will allow for early-morning debits from all major banks in Namibia. Real Pay is looking forward to the exciting opportunities the new stream will offer once it is implemented in July 2017, as projected.

Real Pay remains committed to bringing our Users the most advanced payments solutions and continues our participation in and contribution to the structures of the EnDO working group. As soon as EnDO is approved for rollout, Real Pay will actively engage with all our Users regarding the features and benefits of this new payments stream.

EFT Credits (Payouts)

Noticing the need for an electronic payout solution, Real Pay recently introduced EFT Credits (Payouts) to our product bouquet in Namibia. This product enables Users to disburse funds in real time to FNB bank accounts, and a next-day service is provided to all other banks in Namibia. Users have access to our current dynamic reporting and management information.