Real Pay launched its advanced payments solution in Swaziland during 2010. Noticing the need for time-sensitive payments in Swaziland, Real Pay customized our payments system to provide for country-specific needs.

Real-Time Debit Orders

Real Pay offers users a real-time debit order service on FNB bank accounts. This product enables users to collect funds in real time, providing the ability to intervene manually. Users are able to submit collection transactions over a period of days with the advantage of its clients not being charged any unpaid fees.

Normal Debit Orders (NDO)

In response to the need for a dated collections system, Real Pay is in the process of introducing Debit Orders (NDO) to our Swaziland product bundle. Users will be able to collect and disburse funds from all major banks in Swaziland, into users’ nominated accounts. Users will have access to our current dynamic reporting and management information.