Company Profile

The founders of Real Pay have developed a system to simplify payments and address the growing demand for electronic solutions, after they identified the need for multiple payments in Southern Africa. Real Pay was founded in 2003, and 2006 marked the launch of the first Real Pay collections solution in Botswana. Additionally, unique product offerings were introduced in South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland – pioneering time-sensitive payments in Africa. Our practical and innovative technology strengthens Real Pay’s multi-bank web-based payments system. Real-time management reports and our interactive dashboard differentiate us from traditional debit order platforms.

The system may be implemented in a range of financial environments – ranging from small enterprises to multinational corporations – fulfilling Africa’s need for time-sensitive collections.


We strive to be Africa’s preferred and leading payments stream service provider distinguished by our people, approach and client partnerships.


To offer the most advanced collections and disbursement solution by applying unique, innovative and competitive technologies and providing exceptional service.

Core Values

Learning – Through constant innovation
Integrity – Displayed in all initiatives we undertake
Value – Our people, communities and the environment
Excellence – In our customer service

Our Team
Pieter Swanepoel

Managing Director
Erns Erasmus
Director: Africa Expansion and Payments Solutions
Werner Webb

Director: Operations

Pieter is the Managing Director of Real Pay. His career originated in South Africa’s banking sector during the mid-nineties where he filled senior and general management positions during his tenure at two of the leading banking groups. Currently, Pieter serves in various structures within the National Payments System (NPS) established under Central Bank directive to self-regulate payment systems.

In South Africa, Pieter holds positions in structures established by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and PASA, including the Early Debit Order Payment Systems Stakeholder Forum (EDO PSSF) Steering Committee, EDO PSSF Technical Sub-committee (chairperson), TPPP Association, SARB NPSSB and the Authenticated Collections (AC) Work Group non-bank member. He is the chairperson of the Commercial Independent Bureaux Association (CIBA), an independent association for system operators and TPPPs.

In Namibia, he serves as non-bank member of the PAN Management Council, is chairperson of the PAN Payments Stakeholder Forum (PAN PSF) and member of the PAN PSF Work Group.
Pieter holds a BCom (Hons) Economics degree from the University of Pretoria and participated in various strategic management and business leadership initiatives as well as payments systems programmes.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Erns acquired vast knowledge in the retail environment, from the start of his career in 1990. Building on his experience, Erns became skilled in different aspects of retailing, sales and marketing.

In 1995, he shifted his focus to the micro finance industry and became a prominent player in the field. Realising the potential in the collections environment, he set out on an extensive market research project during 2002. This resulted in the 2006 launch of his first collections solution in Botswana, and in doing so, he became the founding member of Real Pay.

Erns exemplifies the customer service orientated attitude that underpins the Real Pay company value set. His personal vision and business development drive form an integral part of what sets Real Pay apart from other service providers.

An expert in the fields of system integration, infrastructure management and support services, Werner has been accumulating IT experience since 1992. His capabilities originate from previous involvement with diverse industries and various organisations, many of which did pioneering work in the South African IT industry.

In April 2006, Werner was appointed Operations Manager at Real Pay. He facilitated the implementation of the Real Pay solution in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland. In addition, he established advanced remote support systems in all countries where Real Pay maintains a presence. Werner is well known for his work ethic and ability to simplify challenges. He also oversees the team of developers responsible for system maintenance and enhancements.

Luan Cloete

Group Sales Manager
Tjaart Booyens
Group Operations Manager
Chris de Klerk
Group Financial Manager
Khumo Lekang
Country Manager: Botswana
Darius de Waal
Country Manager: Namibia

Luan started his career with a prominent property developer in Gauteng where he fulfilled the role of property investment consultant. While pursuing his studies in law, he joined a Pretoria law firm specialising in legal collections where he gained experience in the legal debt collections process and day-to-day court liaison. He joined Real Pay in 2009 as a sales consultant to expand the focus area to include the debt collection environment. Luan was promoted to National Sales Manager in 2010 and Group Sales Manager in 2015. He currently oversees all the sales staff in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland.

Luan completed a course in Management Principles from UNISA in 2011 and a Foundational Course in Payments from PASA in 2013.

He has extensive experience in the South African payments industry and utilising a payments system in the soft and pre-legal debt collections environment.

Tjaart started out in the information technology industry in 1999. He gained in-depth knowledge and experience in various fields within the industry specialising in software and infrastructure. In 2006, he was appointed as branch manager at one of the leading IT infrastructure companies in South Africa. During his tenure there he worked with South Africa’s main telecommunications provider, a well-known retailer and government institutions.

Tjaart joined the Real Pay team in 2008. His main responsibilities as Operations Manager include management of the support, development and billing team as well as the 24-hour support centre. He is also the first line of contact with regard to system integrations. Tjaart completed the Foundational Course in Payments from PASA in 2013 is currently studying Business Management through the South African Institute of Management (SAIM).

Chris is the Group Financial Manager of Real Pay and has been involved with the group for the last three years. His experience dates back many years; he started as an article clerk at an auditors firm in 1969 and has vast experience in financial management, budgets and forecasting, as well as general management of companies. Chris was involved in industrial development with development corporations for many years, followed by a position as management consultant with auditors firms in various countries in Africa.

He has a BCom degree in Accounting and Business Management, a BCom Hons degree in Management Accounting and an MCom degree in South African and International Income Tax.

Khumo is a born Botswanan citizen and currently resides in Gaborone. She heads up the team that is responsible for sales, client retention, and regulatory compliance as well as support to users in Botswana.

Khumo studied Public Relations and Customer Care and started her career by working in the medical aid and retail industries. While working in the health industry, she started to pursue a career in sales and marketing. Khumo entered the banking fraternity via a major Botswana-based bank and opted to join Real Pay in 2008.

Khumo has a key role in developing new focus areas and bringing Real Pay into the corporate market in Botswana.

Darius is a born Namibian and currently resides in Windhoek. He is Real Pay’s in-country representative and is responsible for sales, client retention and regulatory compliance. Based at the Real Pay offices in Klein Windhoek, he also provides system support to local clients. Darius started his career in the banking industry in 2002 by joining Nedbank as an IT Technician. In 2005, he joined FNB and started to pursue a career in sales, followed by transactional banking, and eventually ended up as senior sales executive with RMB. Darius studied Microsoft Certified Software Development and has extensive knowledge and understanding of the IT and banking industry. He plays a key role in developing new focus areas and leading Real Pay into the commercial and corporate market in Namibia. Darius has been Real Pay’s representative in Namibia since June 2016 and also represents Real Pay on the Payments Association of Namibia Stakeholder Forum and PAN PSF workgroup.